Foreign Film Festival in Paris

Foreign Film Festival in Paris

The first ‘Semaine des Cinémas étrangers’ festival, organised by the Forum des Instituts Culturels Etranger à Paris, will take place from the 11th until the 15th of March in various international cultural centres and institutes in Paris, as well as in the Etoile Pagode cinema.

The theme of the inaugural international film festival, organised by international cultural institutions, will be  «love in the time of war ». The selection of chosen films will take into account the diversity of conflicts, territories and time periods and will show how the human and interpersonal issues that concern the various directors have coincided.

The mix of classic (the oldest is from 1930) and recent films, as well as the diversity of the countries of origin, act as testimonies responding to one another based on questions of love and, more importantly, humanity in times of war.

The Programme :

Throughout the week The Dead and the Living by Babara Albert (Austria), Tangerines by Zaza Urushadze (Estonia/Georgia), and Tabu by Miguel Gomes (Portugal) will be shown before their release dates at the Etoile Pagode cinema. You will also be able to rediscover  old favourites, such as A Special Day by Ettore Scola (Italy), Archangel by Guy Maddin (Canada) and Elvira Madigan by Bo Wilderberg (Sweden).

A themed evening, « War in the cinema », will take place on Wednesday 12th March at the Goethe-Institut starting with a conference a at 6.30 with Patrick Brion, a film historian; Laurent Véray, a professor in cinemtographic studies at the University of Paris III; Matthias Steinle, Lecturer in cinematrographic studies at the University of Paris III and Pierre Eisenreich, editor of Positif magazine.

After the conference, at 8pm, the short French film Women’s Letters by Augusto Zanovello (winner of the Annecy International Short Film Festival Audience Award) will be shown as will the blockbuster German film Westfront 1918 by Georg Wilheim Pabst.

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