Contest #UniEuropeS

Project image: 

Eunic Paris wants to celebrate the Europe week 2016 with a contest on twitter who invite to share images, designs or sentences and at the same time where to gain gifts.


If you want to participate , here the steps to follow between the 4th and the 14th may:


  1. Upload a photo, a design or a sentence who symbolise for you the idea of Europe.

  2. Add in the same tweet“@EUNIC_Paris” with our  hashtag #UniEuropeS.


What can you gain?

An Ebook reader, a free language course , books, t-shirts, etc…

Everybody can participate . The winners will be announced between the 15th and the 18th May 2016 in the twitter @EUNIC_Paris.

                                                                               Shake a leg!